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About Buffalo Bannon Jewelry Designs

We want you to be a part of our collective! At BB, we’re looking to team up with those vintage babes, psychedelic vibes, bohemian souls who can’t keep the blues out of their shoes or the funk out of their junk!! From the East to the West, we want our BBs to be obsessed with exploring their inner depths & expressing them to the rest.

In other words, we want our ambassadors to embrace their personalities, their bodies, their qualities, their flaws & not be afraid to showcase them to the world. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but we want you to enjoy this journey of self-discovery with us by your side! We want you to wear our jewelry with pride & feel good about the content we’re putting out into the world. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?! So, let’s make some magic.


  • Receive special discounts when purchasing Buffalo Bannon products

  • Earn discounts, rewards and FREE items when your personalized code is frequently used in our Etsy store

  • The chance to be featured on all social media outlets for Buffalo Bannon

  • First dibs on collaboration opportunities

  • Special first-to-know updates on sales, events, news, blog posts, videos, lookbooks & all things BB


  • Account must be public

  • You are responsible for posting 2-4x per month (depending on code exposure)

  • Must be actively building a following on Instagram & stay engaged in the community

  • You’ll be given a personalized code for your followers to enter at checkout as well as physical discount cards to share with your friends, family & community. The more your code is used, the more you’ll get noticed & the bigger the reward!!

  • We encourage you to have a communicative relationship with us to provide feedback, ideas & suggestions to help us continue to grow! We value your opinion.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of our small business, our ambassador membership is limited as we plan to start small & grow organically with our audience. We’re dedicated to finding those who are truly passionate about our brand & its vision. We politely ask for serious inquiries only. If you’re diggin’ our vibe & we’re diggin’ your style then we’ll extend this exclusive offer. Don’t be afraid to reach out, email us at Thank you so much for your support & understanding.