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Considering to invest in a new piece of jewelry? Both designers and fellow buyers alike will tell you to go for something unique, something durable, something timeless.

Sterling silver is made up of 92.5% silver, and 7.5% other metal alloys, primarily copper. When it comes to designing jewelry, many designers opt to incorporate sterling silver and here is why:


1.     Durability – Sterling silver, when cared for correctly, can last a lifetime. Designers who choose to use sterling silver in their pieces are choosing to ensure an everlasting design despite the number of family members it may be passed down to.


2.     On Trend – Sterling silver will always be in style, no matter the current trend. The popularity of the material guarantees to pair nicely with any seasons new trend. 


3.     Flexibility – Sterling silver is a relatively soft metal, which makes it easier for designers to work with. It allows for many molds and combinations, which results in constant new designs and opportunities for creativity.


4.     Versatility – Sterling silver can be considered appropriate for any occasion. Date night, grocery shopping, day-to-day at the office. The color will couple well with other pieces within your collection like white gold or platinum, while also spicing up your daily wardrobe.


5.     Hypoallergenic – Sterling silver does not contain any metal additions that may cause skin irritations (unlike nickel, brass, and other base metals). This is a game changer for individuals with sensitive skin, or who are prone to infection for piercings.


6.     Maintenance – Sterling silver can tarnish. Simply wearing the jewelry will “clean” the metal from our bodies natural oils, however, if it stays in a jewelry box for too long, there are alternative options. You can store-buy or DIY your own jewelry cleaner to keep your jewelry looking as fresh as the day you bought it.


Sterling silver (especially in our case of small business) has continued to prove itself as unique, durable, and timeless. Sure, it may be worth more than a fun pair of earrings you might purchase at your local department store. But the uniqueness, creativity, labor, and love that goes in to each and every sterling silver based piece at Buffalo Bannon Jewelry Designs is worth every penny.

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