Winter Fashion

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For those of you from upstate New York, you know the winter season means slush, snow, and not a whole lot of sunshine. The dark, wet, and cold provides us East Coasters with all the more motivation to show off the chic, cozy fashion trends that have taken over this season:



Velvet, faux leather, and teddy coats. All of which are versatile pieces to mix into your wardrobe for anywhere from work to play.

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Animal Print

Have some fun implementing prints and patterns. Dress up an outfit of everyday basic pieces, or add a flirty touch to date night with leopard and snake prints.

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Versatile Booties

Avoid the nuisance of carting around your winter boots. 2019 introduced a number of practical multi-use booties to hop around town in that are certainly here to stay for the remainder of the chilly season.


70’s Hues

Brown, copper, and gold offer those ideal muted, neutral tones that pair nicely with statement accessories.

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It gets mighty cold here in New York, why not make the notorious layering a lil’ fashionable? Mixing prints, colors, and textures can amp up any outdoor outfit.

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