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She’s enthusiastic about coffee, passionate about dancing & keen on shopping! Jessica is dedicated to her love of dance. At a young age, Jess earned herself an impressive scholarship that gave her the opportunity to study & train at a performing arts school in NYC. Since graduation, she’s been working professionally in the world of dance.

Presently, Jess is managing a dance boutique in Saratoga while simultaneously teaching freelance lessons & master classes. It’s no secret, she’s a hard worker! When Jessica’s not with her sweet dachshund, Minnie, or making calligraphy art; you’ll most likely find her at the gym or kicking-ass in taekwondo with her boyfriend.

Jess joined our herd by signing up for our ambassadors program because not only does she genuinely appreciate handcrafted jewelry, but she’s a woman who knows how to seize opportunities & lead with passion.

We asked Jessica 7 Lucky Questions during our latest photoshoot for our latest series release, Clover Patch. You can shop it now in-store at MinkyMink Boutique or online on my Etsy Shop.

❋ If you had a theme song, what would it be?

The song Wooden Arms by Patrick Watson really speaks to me. It’s delicate & has a powerful message. However, anything by Queen is great too. They’re so inspirational to me!

❋ How would you describe your style in 3 words or more?

Put together, trendy, fun & slightly lumberjack meets city slicker!

❋ How often do you wear jewelry?

Everyday! Jewelry is a great way to dress up any look & express your style.

❋ Do you have a family heirloom piece or a special piece with a story?

My grandmother is going to give me her original engagement ring when it’s my time! I love how sentimental that is going to be to me because I’ll always have my family with me.

❋ When buying jewelry what criteria do you normally look for?

I’m an equal opportunist with jewelry but I love rings. I like mixing bigger statement pieces with more dainty, small & stackable ones.

❋ How do you usually style your day look & your night look?

I like to piece together an outfit as uniquely as I can. Dressing up a flannel with a high waisted skirt, textured sweater tights & high heels for a dressy casual feel during the day, then amping up the eye shadow for a nighttime look.

❋ What movie can you watch over and over again?

Bridesmaids! Every time I watch it I crack up just as hard as the first time when it was in theaters.