The Clover Patch Series




A four-leaf clover is the universal symbol for luck. There are many different myths behind the rarity of finding this lucky token, but when it comes to science, it’s attributed to the inheritance of two recessive genes; which is actually a genetic mutation from the regular white clover plant. In other words, being different from others makes you special, even sought after!

We believe that each leaf holds a different meaning. One for hope, faith, love & yes, luck! By wearing a piece from this series, we wish to bring you the hope that your dreams will be fulfilled, to keep faith in who you are & why you’re here, to love more everyday & to remind yourself that you are the lucky one.

Green agate stones inspired this entire series. In a way, they asked to be brought together. All it took was one look & the ideas wouldn’t stop flowing. We believe it’s because green agate has the power to enhance creativity & stimulate intelligence, which yields great success! This stone gives you the boost you need to try something new or make the change you’ve been seeking.

The green agate is known to hold a balancing power like the yin & yang. It will give you vitality if you don’t have enough or it will save your energy if you’re giving too much. Green agate nourishes the soul by extending your talents, supporting goal achievement & most importantly aiding in self-growth.

This stone strengthens, opens & activates the heart chakra. When green agate is placed on the heart chakra, it will heal the emotional spell that prevents your acceptance of love. Overall, enhancing your mental & emotional flexibility to improve decision-making. It’s no wonder why this gemstone is a beloved talisman. It’s a natural born leader with powerful properties, yet it doesn’t conquer its wearer…it compliments them!