Handcrafted with Intention

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We practice mindful creation which means we spend time carefully crafting each piece with intention & integrity. Our hands are our tools & we believe handmade details are what makes our pieces valuable. We revel in knowing our customers will receive one of a kind treasures that they’ll make memories with & pass on to generations to come.

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HOW It’s done

Once we get an idea, we bring it to life through metal & stone. We source gemstones from all over the world & use high quality metals. Each piece is made with purpose in our private studio, in the Adirondack mountains of Lake George, NY. We’re inspired by the spaces between us, the vibrations of our souls & the songs of mother nature. We love where we are & what we do. Our jewelry is our heart & we’d love to share a piece with you.

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custom pieces

Do you want to create a memorable moment through the power jewelry? Looking for a design that is more personal & carefully crafted? We’re happy to bring your vision into existence. Whether you need a little guidance in design or have your heart set on something special, we’ll help get you what you desire!