Opals & Succulents


Photographed by: Kleigh O. Photos

Boulder Opal is found within the fractures of ironstone or sandstone in Queensland, Australia. It’s a stone so close to nature, that it carries not only warming Earth energy, but also the radiant energy of Fire!

Opal illuminates the truth by allowing your inner brilliance to shine forth, enhancing both inner & outer beauty. Like an emotional security blanket, opal gives you the strength to remain positive & optimistic until your soul’s deepest desires have been satisfied.

Boulder opal is a spiritual seeker, promoting mystical experience & development. It brings balance to all chakras & harmony to all relationships. This stone enhances the mental state with gracious openness & clarity. It helps to release anger & claim self worth. Granting the wearer access to move forward with gentle yet focused intent.

Meditating with opal strengthens your third eye, improves mindfulness & sharpens intuition. This stone acts as a karmic reminder that the energy we release into the universe, will always return. Accepting boulder opal into your life can not only amplify the human experience, but guide you towards the best, most beautiful version of yourself.