The Warrior Collection

✦ Winter lookbook 2019 ✦


The symbolism behind the Native American feather comes from their faith in 
Animism. This belief illustrates that everything in the universe has a spirit & that it not only exists in humans, but in plants, animals, & all natural phenomena. In other words, everything is alive! So, when a feather falls from a bird, it’s viewed as a vessel of divine energy. Once carried by its former owner, then transcended to it’s honorable recipient.

White Buffalo Turquoise is a rare stone found only in Tonopah, Nevada. With its clean white hue, black spidery webs & neutral colored matrix, it’s a captivating beauty. The difference between this & other turquoise is that it lacks the presence of heavy metals like copper, iron, or zinc, which provide turquoise with commonly known shades of blue, green & yellow. This stone, sometimes called Sacred White Buffalo, is extremely rare & coveted for its distinct qualities.

The Warrior Collection is meant to be a reflection of ourselves. That despite what we’re “lacking,” we are a rare breed unique in color, coveted for our internal matrix & strong enough to carry our own. The matrix acts as our internal dialog & wearing a piece from this collection should remind us that we are apart of something greater. This collection celebrates a cultural history, empowers its wearer & enlightens self-confidence. We have the ability to bring ourselves to that sacred place, wherever it may be. Sometimes, you just need a sign from above. Like the falling feather…new year, better you.